Gently Breaking Bones

Les Talk
1 min readApr 25, 2022

I try to read a Proverbs chapter each day, each month. Today on April 25, I read Proverbs 25. Verse 15 jumped out to me:

“Through patience a ruler may be persuaded,
And a gentle tongue breaks bone.”

Think on that a moment………..Likely you see what I see. If we want to persuade a ruler on a matter, patience and gentle speech works better, right? In fact, if we want to persuade anyone on a matter, patience and gentleness usually work better. An old adage says,

“You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Whether it’s on the phone with a customer service rep or talking to your manager at work or speaking with your teacher, shouting, berating, belittling, threatening, etc is almost never the best way.

Rather, gentle, patient persuasion done with respect is almost always better. And even if you and I don’t win the conversation point, we’ve argued our point in a God honoring way while also respecting people made in God’s image.



Les Talk

I am a follower of Christ, changed from my old self, but not perfect by a long shot. Husband, father, grandfather. I’m thankful to be on God’s journey.